Every part of our body is connected in one way or another. When we are exposed to stress and harm each part of our body is communicating with each other to asses what is happening and where the source of stress is coming from. What this means is that if we are experiencing something in one area of the body, chances are we are going to experience it somewhere else as well. One of the better examples of this is lower back pain, which is a very common issue people struggle with. Lower pack pain can be caused by a number of things like, poor diet, tight muscles in your legs and gluts, inflammation, stress on the brain, etc. Any number of these things can be the cause of the back pain, or all of them at once.

This is how the body reacts to what it is exposed to. Some of this is a biological precautionary function, so if we are experiencing issues somewhere internally, there are usually signs externally. One example of this is bad dental health. This can be a sign of bad bacteria building up in the gut or the mouth. The symptom is poor dental health, but the cause is not always at our teeth. We have to look at our entire body in this way if we want to be able to read our health accurately, but it can be hard if we don't have a baseline.

Overtime it is beneficial to see how your body reacts to certain things and why it is reacting. One of the easiest ways to gauge stress and harm to the body, is through skin. Stress, nutrition, sleep, exercise, sun exposure, or just about anything can have an effect on the skin. What we want to look out for is how our skin health fares when we are exposed to these things. In my personal experience, when I am faced with more stress, and I am not keeping up on taking care of myself, my skin reacts adversely. I break out, my skin dries out, and is clearly not as healthy as it was when I was getting enough sleep, eating properly, and exercising enough. The difference is easy to see, and it gives me something to base my health on.

Our skin is a very complex organ. Covering the entire body, it is our first line of defense against intruders, and our first sign of sickness or a health issue. People who struggle with obesity struggle with skin problems. They encounter rashes, various forms of dermatitis, and a number of other problems. First signs of cancer are usually seen through skin. We see lesions or tumors, maybe strange rashes, but the skin is usually first to show signs. Inflammation is a major component to these skin problems but doesn't always originate in the skin.

Our brain is the main dictator of the condition of our skin. The skin - brain connection is one of the strongest. When the brain is under stress and prone to inflammation, so will our skin. This is why a lack of sleep, exercise, and a poor diet can lead to so many skin problems. Our brain is going to be inflamed from the lack or care for our health, and will cause the skin to inflame as well. Using our skin as a way to look at our health is a tool we can use to maintain our health, but shouldn't be our only one. It is important to have a baseline and truly know your body. Once you know your body you can accurately assess how a reaction is being caused or why you have been experiencing issues. Know your body so you an better understand your health.

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Benjamin Stock

Written by Benjamin Stock

Ben is a Marketing Associate here at Signum Biosciences, and has been working on social media, website content, video content, and anything else he can get his hands on. In addition to his passion for creating content, Ben is outside as much as possible in the health and fitness hub that is Boulder, CO.