Happiness if often considered the hallmark of psychological health. The concept of actually being happy is a lot more complex then people think, and not quite as simple to achieve. Many people will set their happiness on a specific goal such as, when I get this job I will be happy, when I graduate I will be happy, or when I start a family I will be happy. Yes these are all things that will result in happiness, however only a temporary happiness. Eventually you will resort back to feeling that desire for happiness all over again. 

We believe that our desire for personal happiness is clear, however what we don't realize is that this process is indefinite. Happiness takes consistent work and effort in order to attain, similarly to permanent weight loss and fitness. In order to achieve permanent happiness, you must be prepared to make permanent changes in your life and commit to them everyday. 

You can begin this process by implementing little things into your every day life that will generate happiness. One everyday practice could simply be, counting your blessings. What are you grateful for? This does not need to be a lengthy list to be effective. Simply thinking of only a few things in your life that bring you joy can result in feeling happier overall. However, making this a weekly or daily activity is where you will begin to see the benefits.

Doing things for others, or practicing acts of kindness has actually been proven to be one of the top things you can do to improve your overall happiness. Doing something nice for a stranger or for someone you know, creates positive affects for both parties involved. This allows you to feel compassionate and create a greater connection with others around you or in your life. Earning smiles and reciprocated kindness are all happiness boosters.

Investing in your relationships is also an important aspect to attaining happiness. Having strong personal relationships is another big factor to someones overall happiness. This strategy entails putting effort into cultivating and enjoying your relationships with your family, partner, and friends. There is nothing more special in this life then having the unconditional support and love from someone who deeply cares about you.

An obvious, but easily dismissed, approach to happiness is taking care of yourself. Whatever that means for you personally, whether it be getting your daily exercise in, meditation, or reading your favorite book. These things will enhance your mood in the short-term, promote energy, and strengthen mental health. When focusing on your self-care regularly, or when it is needed, will make your daily life more satisfying and increase your happiness in the long run. 

There are many other strategies people use to cultivate more happiness into their lives such as being optimistic, learning to forgive, learning how to "go with the flow", avoiding overthinking, and committing to personal goals. These ways of life may be easy to understand, however are not always easy to carry out on a everyday basis. However, with determination and commitment, everyone is capable of implementing a few strategies that will help them achieve a higher level of happiness. With this being said, we literally can "create" our own happiness. 

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Korri Thompson

Written by Korri Thompson

Korri is a Business Development Associate at Signum, where she upkeeps business relationships with companies and potential partners. She has a passion for all things health, therefore enjoys sharing her thoughts on important topics through Signum's Science of Staying Healthy blog.