Boulder, CO

August 20, 2018

At Signum we believe that your health is your most valuable asset. Without it, we are vulnerable to the world and susceptible to stagnation. Collectively, we all know what it looks like to work out, eat healthy, and work hard, but we struggle to figure out how to motivate ourselves to do it consistently and what we're left with is a yearning for change. We want to find the catalyst for your change.

 Welcome to "The Science of Staying Healthy Blog".

With this blog, our goal is to help motivate, inspire, and push you to ask questions regarding your health and make the lifestyle changes you have always wanted or even needed. We want you to know your body and mind, and be critical of what has an effect on it. Signum wants you to adopt habits that allow you to feel more in tune with your day and let go of the ones that aren’t permitting you to excel to your full potential. We want you to find comfort in taking the path less traveled by allowing yourself to open up, discuss, and understand your health. Together, we will work to find the formula that is conducive to living our best life and continue to modify it as we grow.

We will be providing blog posts around the topics of interest based off of popular questions and concerns our followers have regarding their health. We will go over the general issue or topic, and do our best to provide our audience with credible, science-based answers to their problems. It is important to keep in mind that the information we deliver within our blog posts are based off either research or our personal experiences and health preferences. This blog is meant to be a helpful guide towards a healthier lifestyle, allowing for accurate health advice and tips, not for any disease diagnosis or treatments. Please understand we want this to be a safe place for health-related discussions and that we are only trying to use our best knowledge at hand to positively influence your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.


Food, Sleep, Medicine, Exercise, Disease, Mental Health, Lifestyle Habits, etc.

“The Science of Staying Healthy” is by no means be a one size fits all guide to the ultimate healthy lifestyle. Every person is different, with a different genetic make-up, making their experiences and what works for them unique. "The Science of Staying Healthy" is a mindset that we can have in order to strive towards our healthiest life. Having to buckle down, admit we might not know, and change our habits is no easy task. We grow accustomed to what we do each day, making it extremely difficult to break out of these familiar routines. Within this blog we want to open a discussion on all things health and well-being. The world of fitness and health is immense and without others who are striving for the same change you are, it can be hard to commit. We want this blog to be a home for like-minded people who are already walking along their desired health path, and an oasis for those who are searching for the right one. Through our discussions and debates we can help each other find a path and stay on it. Surround yourselves with those who will push you, and together we can work towards a better lifestyle, and strive to improve “The Science of Staying Healthy”.

With that being said, we are thrilled to hear what you guys have questions about! Comment on our blog posts to discuss and to suggest new topics that we can write about and begin a dialogue. Any reoccurring or popular topics will have priority and then we will continue to do our best getting to all other topics of concern.

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Benjamin Stock

Written by Benjamin Stock

Ben is a Marketing Associate here at Signum Biosciences, and has been working on social media, website content, video content, and anything else he can get his hands on. In addition to his passion for creating content, Ben is outside as much as possible in the health and fitness hub that is Boulder, CO.