We recently settled a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) inquiry into practices by our company and our partner Neora International, LLC. Signum was offered a settlement where we would pay no money, which is virtually unheard of with these types of cases. We made the decision to settle in order to focus on what is most important to us: bringing innovative therapeutics to consumers. Neora is now challenging the FTC in court, and we support them in that effort. Signum chose to settle with the FTC under these terms to put an end to the extremely high costs associated with this inquiry.


The FTC is seeking to change existing law to ban multi-level marketing. In order to do so, it’s targeting our partner, Neora, a lawful and thriving business. The FTC alleges that Neora and Signum Bioscience engaged in a deceptive advertising campaign focused on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Any messaging around neurodegenerative disease was entirely truthful and, in fact, based on the wealth of peer-reviewed and published research on both coffee and EHT, a coffee component originally identified and purified at Princeton University and Signum Biosciences. The FTC never once questioned the accuracy or rigor of the underlying research and acknowledged that it reflects high-caliber, cutting-edge science.


Signum disagrees with the FTC’s case, and will stand by its partner Neora as it defends itself.

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Written by Signum Biosciences